Sedation and General Anesthesia

Sedation and general anesthesia are applied in surgical operations so that patients do not feel any pain and are psychologically comfortable. These applications, which have been used in the medical field for many years, are preferred for the treatment processes to be much more comfortable and better. In the very old years, that is, in the periods when such applications were not available, many people experienced great difficulties in many surgical procedures, especially in dentistry applications. Thanks to the anesthesia and sedation applications applied today, the treatment processes are extremely comfortable for the patients.

Why is Sedation and General Anesthesia Applied?

General anesthesia and sedation are applied for people to have a comfortable treatment process. General anesthesia is rarely used in dental practice. The procedures are mostly performed with local anesthesia. The sedation application is preferred so that people do not get excited during the treatment process and do not experience any problems. Patients may not receive sedation if they wish. 

It is a process that is applied completely according to the preferences of the people.

This procedure must be performed in treatments that require general anesthesia. Otherwise, the patient will suffer a lot and it will be possible for the patient to face many different complications.

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What is


The question of what is sedation is one of the issues that many people wonder and focus on. Although many people think of sedation as a type of anesthesia, it is actually a drug used to calm people’s anxiety, anxiety and excitement rather than a numbing drug. Sedation is sometimes given by injection and sometimes by medication. It is decided which method will be preferred according to the preferences and health status of the people.

Who Is Sedation

Suitable For?

Treatment with sedation or sleep is done when people have a fear of the dentist. In addition, it is applied in problems such as needle phobia, long-term treatment, nausea. It is applied throughout this process so that the patients are comfortable and that they do not experience any problems due to the procedures performed. It is a drug application that can be applied to everyone, including children, adults and people with disabilities.

Is Consciousness Open
in Sedation?

In the conscious sedation procedure, patients are conscious and able to hear what is being said. In these people, the feeling of pain decreases only with emotions such as excitement and stress. People are aware of the process, but they are not disturbed by it. In addition, there is a type of sedation in which the person goes to sleep: In case of very serious fear and excitement, this type of sedation is applied.

Removal of
Sedation from the Body

In order for the sedation to be removed from the body, people need to urinate a lot. Because drugs such as sedation and general anesthesia are mostly excreted from the body through urine. After the operations, people should consume plenty of fluids and eat light and healthy. Thus, sedation can be easily eliminated from the body.

What is
General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is the state of being in a deep sleep, which is used during many surgical procedures. During the procedure, the patient is anesthetized by intravenous or gas, and in this way, the person is prepared for surgery. The general purpose of general anesthesia is that the person does not feel any pain during the operation. The person becomes unable to even understand what is going on, as he enters the state of full sleep. This ensures that the operation is smooth and very comfortable for the patient.

How is Dental Treatment
Performed with General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a method used in some cases in dental treatment. Local anesthesia is generally applied in simple dental treatment methods, but general anesthesia is preferred in some complicated and serious operations. In dental treatments, medication is given to the patient through the intravenous line. After discontinuation of the drug, the patient wakes up in a short time. After an average of thirty minutes, it is possible for the patient to return home.


Who is General Anesthesia Applied to?


General anesthesia can be applied to the following people in dentistry treatments:

  • Uncooperative children
  • Those who have a phobia towards the dentist
  • Wide surgical operations
  • Those who are allergic to local anesthesia
  • Insufficient local anesthesia
  • People who will have long-term dental treatment
  • People who experience great pain and fear in the procedures performed.


General anesthesia and sedation can be easily preferred for all kinds of medical interventions, especially dentistry operations.

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