Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most preferred and applied applications among dentistry applications in recent years. A series of procedures are performed for people who want to have a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing mouth and teeth structure. The main purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. In order to achieve this, many different applications are made according to the mouth, jaw and tooth structure of the people.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

The questions of what is aesthetic dentistry and how does it give you results are among the most frequently asked questions about oral and dental health in recent years. Aesthetic dentistry covers the procedures performed to make people look aesthetically beautiful beyond having a healthy mouth and teeth structure.

As it is known, in addition to a healthy mouth and tooth structure, it is attractive to everyone to have teeth that look aesthetically beautiful. Having aesthetic teeth allows people to feel and express themselves better in their daily and social life. That’s why all the applications in this field are extremely important.

Ata Pera It is one of the dental hospitals that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

Aesthetic Dentistry

There are many procedures that we can count among the applications of aesthetic dentistry. First of all, we will list the applications to improve the aesthetic appearance as popular, but before moving to aesthetic dentistry, other conditions that negatively affect the mouth and dental health are treated. After their treatment, the following aesthetic touches are made:

-Composite Filling:

Composite filling is used for filling procedures that need to be done in aesthetic dentistry treatments. Unlike the gray fillings used in the past, it has a much more aesthetic appearance. It has started to be preferred more because it has a more natural and aesthetic appearance. When used healthily and carefully, it has a useful life of 5-10 years.

-Porcelain Dental Veneers:

Porcelain veneers form the basis of aesthetic dentistry. With this application, which has different types in itself, the surface of the teeth is covered with a special coating material and a natural, aesthetic appearance is obtained. Porcelain dental veneer application is divided into different types in itself.

– These:

• Metal supported coating: It is the type of coating on which metal support is applied to increase the durability of the porcelain coating application. Today, different types of coatings are more preferred because they create some problems in terms of aesthetics.

• Zirconium Porcelain: It is one of the most preferred applications in aesthetic dentistry in recent years. In this filling process made with zirconium material, an extremely natural appearance is obtained.

• Laminated Porcelain: Laminated porcelain, which is adhered to the teeth by applying the abrasion method only, is preferred both in terms of aesthetics and health. Although it is a costly application, it is often preferred because of the effect it creates on the anterior teeth.

-Pink Aesthetics:

Pink aesthetic or gingival aesthetic application is used for cleaning and retraction of the gums that negatively affect the appearance. With the pink aesthetic application, the teeth look both healthier and more beautiful. Pink aesthetics is very important, because when the gums do not appear at the right angle, all other aesthetic procedures will not be of any importance.

How is Aesthetic

Dentistry Applied?

In the application phase of the aesthetic dentist treatment, first of all, a preliminary examination is made and it is decided what kind of procedures should be done. The factors that negatively affect oral and dental health are determined and the health part is solved first. Then, the problems that disrupt the aesthetic appearance are corrected. Local anesthesia is sufficient during the procedures. In some procedures, even without the need for local anesthesia, the treatment is completed with sedation.

Ata Pera Difference in
Aesthetic Dentistry

When choosing an aesthetic dentist, you should definitely work with experts in the field. While a successful aesthetic dentist practice gives very successful results, an unsuccessful application can cause very bad results. Considering all these, we can say that Ata Pera Dental Hospital offers you the best treatments for aesthetic dentistry. You can have very good looking teeth thanks to the specialist physicians working in the hospital.

You can make an appointment and visit our hospital to get information about aesthetic dentistry prices and the procedures to be performed. Accommodation and transfer facilities are provided for our patients coming from abroad.

Ata Pera Dental Center is providing service in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, since 1999.

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