Periodontology is the branch of science that deals with the treatment of inflammation in the tissues surrounding the teeth and gums. Periodontal diseases, which are very common in society, are treated by specialist periodontists. Periodontal disorders manifest themselves with many important symptoms. These should be followed and support from a specialist physician should be sought when necessary.

What is Periodontology?

We would like to give you brief information about what periodontology is and which treatment methods should be applied. Periodontology is an effective field in oral and dental health, in the treatment of inflammation and other infections in the tissues surrounding the teeth. Many discomforts can be experienced in the tissues surrounding the teeth and gums. 

The most important symptom of these is bleeding gums for no reason. In addition to bleeding gums, some symptoms can also be seen. For a successful periodontology treatment, early diagnosis and then a specialist periodontist should be consulted.

Ata Pera It is one of the dental hospitals that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

What Disorders Does

Periodontology Treat?

Many diseases are treated in the field of periodontology by people who work as gum specialists. Periodontology treats the inflammation of the soft tissues of the gums, namely gingivitis. Another important problem in addition to gingivitis is periodontitis. The infection problem caused by periodontitis also causes bone destruction.

When examined in general, it is seen that periodontal disorders can be treated and controlled. In the treatment process, only the effective treatment of the dentist is not enough. In addition, patients should be very careful about oral and dental care. Thus, the maximum level of solution is obtained from the treatments. When there is not enough oral care and cleaning, the rate of bacteria in the mouth of people increases and this causes infection in the gums.


Treatment Process

There are certain stages in the periodontology treatment process. These must be done carefully and with care. After the preliminary examination, it is decided what kind of procedures will be done and what kind of treatment process will be followed. The course of treatment proceeds as follows:


-Diagnosing the Disease

One of the most important stages during the treatment of periodontitis is the diagnosis of the disease. You should be very careful and attentive in this process. Doctors specialized in this field will ask you some questions and make a diagnosis based on this information. In this process, radiographic scans will also be made and as a result, it will be possible to detect problems.


-Advising the Patient

As we mentioned before, in periodontic treatments, it is as important as the treatment of a specialist doctor, as well as the way the patient follows the treatment process. Your doctor will advise you on hygiene and care and will advise you on how to proceed together.


-Professional Cleaning

Periodontology includes professional cleaning, especially dental calculus cleaning. At this stage, special tools and ultrasonic devices are used. In addition, polishing operations are performed on the tooth surfaces and general professional cleaning is carried out. In addition, according to the inflammation, deep cleaning is applied to the tooth roots and pockets in the areas of inflammation with local anesthesia.


-Antibiotic Treatment

When patients start to have acute gingival infections, antibiotics are required. In addition, the treatment of infections is accelerated and an easier process is experienced. With antibiotic treatment, it is aimed to dry and completely treat the infection in the gums.


-Surgical treatment

Rarely, surgical intervention is required in periodontology treatments. In these treatments performed by applying local or general anesthesia, infections and inflammations in the tissues are completely cleared. Afterwards, bone grafts are placed in the area to support bone formation. After the surgical procedure, the gums are sutured in the same way and the treatment is concluded.


-Periodontology Specialist

Thanks to the periodontology specialist, you can also operate on the soft tissue surrounding your teeth and gums. You can get support from specialist doctors in the field of treating inflammation in these areas and solving problems. Specialist periodontists at Ata Pera Dental Hospital will offer you the best treatment options and will plan and successfully complete the treatment process for you.

Periodontology Treatment

Periodontology treatment prices vary according to the procedures and treatments to be performed. In order to give you a clear price information, first of all, a preliminary examination and treatment should be planned. You can visit our clinic for more information about pricing and the procedures to be performed.

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