Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental treatment is one of the most preferred treatment methods today. It includes treatments for the repair and restoration of damaged teeth. In addition to the restoration work to be done on the tooth, a healthy and beautiful smile is obtained with aesthetic procedures. Filling the cavities in the teeth, repairing the teeth and filling processes in general fall into the field of restorative treatment.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

We would like to give you brief information about what is restorative dental treatment and what awaits you during this treatment process. Restorative dental treatment is the treatment applied when people want to create an aesthetically beautiful smile. How people look and how they create an image around them depends entirely on the appearance of their teeth.

People with a beautiful and aesthetic smile always have higher self-confidence and better relationships with people. Within the scope of restorative treatment, the teeth, gums, soft tissues surrounding the teeth, and every issue related to oral and dental health are closely dealt with. All these are repaired and a beautiful smile is created by a specialist dentist.

Ata Pera It is one of the dental hospitals that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

Restorative Dental
Treatment Applications

There are many methods used and applied in restorative dental treatments. Appropriate treatments are planned according to the complaints at the point of protecting and restoring the oral and dental health of the people. Actions accordingly:

  • Composite filling application
  • Composite laminate application
  • Composite Inlay Fillers
  • Porcelain Inlay – Onlay Filling application
  • Metal post treatments
  • Fiber post treatments
  • Glass Ionomer Cement Fillers
  • Fiber-reinforced fillings
  • Interdental closure applications
  • Porcelain laminate applications

All of the applications we mentioned above cover the enamel and hard tissues of the teeth of the people, which are expressed as dentin. After cleaning in these sections, restoration works are carried out on the remaining healthy tissues.

Methods Used in
Restorative Dentistry

Among the restorative dental treatment methods, composite applications come to the fore. In addition to these, porcelain aesthetic applications and studies, smile designs and teeth whitening are also among the preferred methods. Which methods will be applied and what kind of treatment process will be passed are completely shaped according to your tooth structure. The general aim of the treatment is to have a healthy and beautiful aesthetic smile. It is ensured that all necessary work is done for this aesthetic smile.

In adult and elderly patients, conservative dental treatments and preventive dental treatments come to the fore. After a detailed examination, it is decided what kind of dental treatment should be applied to the patients.

Who Is Restorative
Dentistry Practices For?

Restorative dentistry applications are suitable for patients who want to have a perfect smile in general and who do not want to lose their existing teeth by repairing them. It is preferred in many age groups because it is not a dangerous and harmful procedure. Only in children, the development of teeth and gums should be completed. Only in this way can the treatment process begin. In advanced ages, attention is paid to whether the patient has any health problems that prevent treatment.

Ata Pera in
Restorative Dentistry

You can choose our Ata Pera Dental Hospital for all procedures related to your oral and dental health, especially for restorative dental treatments. We serve you with our expert staff with many privileges. We follow the whole process closely in the treatments you will receive and consider every detail for your comfort. We pay attention to many factors in our hospital, which gives importance to quality materials and workmanship and uses advanced technologies. If you want to deliver your oral and dental health and your perfect smile to experts in the field, you can contact us and talk to our physicians.

Restorative Dentistry

In restorative dental treatment, many procedures and treatments can be applied at the same time. Particular attention is paid to the factors that affect your aesthetic smile. Pricing is made according to how many deformities there are and how many operations will be performed on your teeth. Restorative dental treatment prices also vary according to the quality and price of the materials to be used. In this context, a detailed examination is required in order to be able to give you price information about the treatment. You can visit our clinic for more information about pricing and the procedures to be done.

Ata Pera Dental Center is providing service in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, since 1999.

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It has become a leading brand in its sector by providing uninterrupted service with international quality standards and unconditional patient satisfaction. It is one of the dental center that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

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