It is a branch of science used for the diagnosis and treatment of tooth, face and jaw disorders. Orthodontic treatments are applied to support the jaw development and to keep the teeth in the correct position, especially in young children. In adult patients, it is a treatment method used for the repair of closing irregularities, crowding and disorders in the jaw area. Orthodontic treatments are one of the most important areas of dentistry.

What is Orthodontics?

What is orthodontics and what exactly is a treatment option used to treat problems, let’s examine together. Orthodontics is a branch in which studies such as the detection, treatment and prevention of jaw, face and tooth disorders are carried out. In this form of treatment, which is applied to both children and adults, people get a healthier mouth structure.

With orthodontic treatments, the person will have healthy and impressive teeth that will stay in his mouth for a long time.

Orthodontics also works with other branches of dentistry in the treatment of congenital or congenital facial and jaw disorders. The main aim of the treatment is to correct the crooked and mismatched teeth and to take the necessary precautions.

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What Are Orthodontic Problems and

Why Do They Occur?

There are many problems expressed as orthodontic problems. Since the causes of each of these are different, the treatment methods applied are also different. The most important known orthodontic problems and their treatments are as follows:

• Crowding: It occurs when the jaw and tooth structures are incompatible in terms of size. Appropriate treatment is performed according to the size of the crowding.

• Rotation Teeth (Faced Teeth): In this orthodontic problem, the teeth take up more space in the dental arch. This type of teeth must be treated appropriately as it causes crowding.

• Intermittent Teeth: Intermittent teeth both look bad and can damage other teeth. This orthodontic problem can be seen in all teeth, especially anterior teeth.

• Closure Disorders: These are orthodontic problems in the closure of the teeth. Closing disorders need to be treated appropriately according to their cause.

• Impacted Teeth: These teeth, which are stuck between the bone and soft tissue and are not located in the oral cavity, are either extracted or treated with orthodontic treatments.

• Missing Teeth: Tooth deficiencies, especially due to congenital causes, are among the orthodontic problems.

• Advanced Jaw Condition: It is one of the most common problems among orthodontic jaw problems. If the chin is further than it should be, extraoral appliances are used.

• Jaw Stenosis: Jaw stenosis, which also has an important place among orthodontic problems, causes problems such as overlapping teeth if not treated.

• Prosthesis Problems: Problems and malfunctions in previously made dentures are also orthodontic problems and must be treated.

• Cleft Palate – Lip: This postpartum disorder can be treated starting from the age of seven. With the orthodontic treatments, it is ensured that the lip regains its normal form.

Who Performs

Orthodontic Treatment?

People who work as orthodontists undertake this type of treatment. People who specialize in this field after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry are called orthodontists. In cases where help is required in the field of orthodontics, it is necessary to work with experts and experienced people in the field. Ata Pera Dental Hospital has doctors who are experts and experienced in their fields. You can choose for Orthodontic treatment with peace of mind and visit our clinic from all over the world.


Orthodontic prices vary according to the applications to be made, as the treatments are planned individually. Pricing varies according to the way people will follow the orthodontic health problems they have experienced and how to treat them. For more information about pricing and the procedures to be performed, you can visit our clinic and have a detailed oral, jaw and dental examination first.


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