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Digital dentistry is a technology that provides complete use of computers in the measurement,
Dental implants; It is a preferred method to apply fixed dental treatment to patients who have lost their natural teeth.
Jaw surgery; is the section that deals with the treatment of diseases, disorders, tumors and traumas related to the jaw area of people.
Endodontics, also known as root canal treatment, is an important treatment method applied to prevent permanent tooth loss.
Periodontology is the branch of science that deals with the treatment of inflammation in the tissues surrounding the teeth and gums.
Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most preferred and applied applications among dentistry applications in recent years.
Orthodontics; It is a branch of science used for the diagnosis and treatment of tooth, face and jaw disorders.
Sedation and general anesthesia are applied in surgical operations so that patients do not feel any pain and are psychologically comfortable.

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Ata Pera has been offering healthy and happy smiles to its patients from many countries within the content of health tourism for years. There are many opportunities offered for patients coming from abroad. Options such as picking up the patients from the airport with a private driver and placing them in the hotels within our dental center are offered. Our patients are comfortable in this process as our hotels are within 100-150 meters of our dental center. Our hotel and transfer services are a service we offer for certain treatments.

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    Ata Pera is a well-established dental dental center providing professional dentistry in the heart of Istanbul. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and peaceful in a safe and warm environment.

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    We welcome you to our dental center, which we have equipped with experienced expert staff and advanced technology.

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    It is well known that Istanbul has become the main tourism destination. In addition to its charm and attractiveness, Istanbul has also risen to the top in dental care and has become a remarkable dental tourism center for foreign patients.
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    Ata Pera Dental Center is providing service in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, since 1999.

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    It has become a leading brand in its sector by providing uninterrupted service with international quality standards and unconditional patient satisfaction. It is one of the dental center that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

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