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Ata Pera Dental Hospital is providing service in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, since 1999. It has become a leading brand in its sector by providing uninterrupted service with international quality standards and unconditional patient satisfaction. It is one of the dental hospitals that offers the best service in this field with its twenty-three years of experience.

Continuing its boutique and quality service approach with its long years of experience, Ata Pera has made its name in the dental health sector with its successes in the country and abroad.

Ata Pera has been offering healthy and happy smiles to its patients coming from foreign countries within the scope of health tourism for years.

Transfers from the airport with a private driver for patients coming from abroad, and thirty guesthouses with the comfort of a five-star hotel within Ata Pera, our hospital provides many opportunities for our patients coming from abroad. Since Ata Pera's guesthouses are within 100-150 meters far of our hospital, our patients spend their treatment processes very comfortably. Our hotel and transfer services are a service, which we offer to our patients for certain treatments.

Our hospital has branches in

  • Istanbul-Turkiye
  • Ramat Gan, İsrail
  • Genk – Belgium
  • Vienna – Austria

Ata Pera always raises its standards in dental treatment with its 5 branches with a working area of ​​4,500 square meters in Turkey and abroad, modern digital medical devices, distinguished dentist and expert staff.

Our fully-equipped laboratory within our hospital ensures that the necessary procedures for dental treatments are completed in a short time with its experienced staff. In this laboratory, the latest technology equipment is located. The materials and devices used are always kept up to date within the framework of technological developments and innovations. In our laboratory where we carry out our digital designs, especially the devices of the world's leading brands are used.

We offer sedation and general anesthesia to our patients who choose for dental treatment, in this way we ensuring that they do not feel any discomfort and fear during their treatment. We provide patient-oriented service with our expert and dynamic staff. In addition to our specialist dentists, our experienced staff also provide the support they want to our patients.

In addition to simple dentistry surgical treatments, advanced dentistry surgical applications such as zygoma are also performed in our hospital.

One of the most effective dental treatments in our hospital is an implant. In addition to our expert staff in this field, world-famous brands such as Straumann are also preferred. In our implant treatments, a "lifetime guarantee" service is also offered to our patients.

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