Services Provided by Ata Pera Dental Hospital to Patients Coming to Istanbul

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Services Provided by Ata Pera Dental Hospital to Patients Coming to Istanbul:

Ata Pera dental hospital provides great opportunities and opportunities for patients coming from abroad. Therefore, it is already a center that welcomes many patients from all over the world. Turkey is a center that stands out in dental travel services in general and is primarily preferred by foreign patients. Istanbul Taksim, on the other hand, has become the most important centers for dental treatments. The contribution of Ata Pera Dental Hospital serving in the region is quite high.


Features of Ata Pera Dental Hospital:

Ata Pera dental hospital is one of the most preferred oral and dental health centers in the region with its many important features. The most important features of the hospital and the facilities it provides to you are as follows;

  • Ata Pera is an institution that provides service with its 22 years of experience and expert staff.
  • As a location, it is located in Taksim, which is the center of Istanbul.
  • Picks up the patients from the airport with private drivers and arranges them to settle in the hotels within its body. So there is accommodation and transfer support.
  • There is a maximum distance of 100-150 meters between the hotel where the patients stay and the hospital.
  • It uses the world’s most important and popular brands in important treatments such as dental implants.
  • It is one of the few dental hospitals that can apply advanced dental treatment methods such as zygoma.
  • You are given a lifetime garantie in dental implant applications.
  • There are 2 highly developed laboratories within the hospital.
  • There are branches not only in Istanbul Taksim, but also in countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. In addition, new branches are planned to be opened in Austria and Israel in the near future.


Services Offered to Patients Coming to Istanbul:

Ata Pera is a center that patients can easily choose for dental travel. There are extremely important and effective opportunities offered to patients. Support continues from the beginning to the end of the treatment process. The most important facilities and services that patients benefit from in the hospital are:



Accommodation is one of the most important supports offered. In particular, different alternative options are offered. There are 2 guesthouses belonging to Ata Pera Hospital. One of them has 5 rooms and the other has 8 rooms. The distance of the guesthouses or hotels to the hospital is very close. One is 150 meters away while the other is only 50 meters away. There are 2 apartments in addition to the hotel. One of them is located in Cihangir, very close to the hospital. According to the preferences of the patients, a suitable accommodation option is offered.



There is translator which support for foreign patients coming from abroad or for people who do not know enough Turkish. It provides communication between patients and doctors during the treatment. It provides support to transfer the information received from doctors and physician assistants to the patient and to avoid any health problems. We must state that it has undertaken an extremely important and effective task. During treatment, translators support patients during working hours.


7/24 Communication:

Ata Pera is a hospital that provides 24/7 support and assistance to its patients. Therefore, patients who come for treatment do not experience any problems. Most of the patients are extremely satisfied with the service they receive and the facilities provided by Ata Pera during the treatment. You are about to meet an expert clinic that supports and helps you around the clock.

Ata pera Dental Hospital is already close to many historical and touristic areas. Also, shops, restaurants and cafes you may need are within walking distance.


Advantages Obtained When Dental Travel is Preferred in Istanbul:

Naturally, important and effective advantages are provided when dental travel is preferred in a city like Istanbul. Especially when Beyoğlu/Taksim, which is one of the most important locations of Istanbul, is preferred, you can easily get treatment without any problems. The advantages you will gain when you choose Ata Pera, which serves you especially in the Taksim region, are as follows;

  • Since it is in a very central location, you will not have any problems, no matter which part of Istanbul you want to go to, especially airport transportation.
  • Since it is in a central and at the same time developed area, there will be no problems with security at the same time.
  • Since accommodation options are offered to you, you do not have to search for a place to stay in the region and pay for it.
  • Since many places and places are within walking distance, you will not have any problems during your treatment and you can feel comfortable.
  • While you are in Istanbul for treatment and many places are within walking distance, you can visit the important historical and touristic places of the region.
  • There are food and beverage and shopping stores near Ata Pera in Taksim. While your treatment is ongoing, you can easily reach for anything you need.
  • It is possible to find flavors from different world cuisines in the region. You can find a very comfortable restaurant according to your own culture and food taste.
  • Since many places you are looking for are located in the same circle, there is no question of getting lost, wasting time and getting tired.


Istanbul Dental Travel Clinics:

Istanbul travel clinics have started to increase in number nowadays. Istanbul already has a significant impact on dental travel. Important treatments are provided with many new techniques, quality materials and expertise. He frequently visits the region from countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, England, Israel and Germany. If you also want to receive support for oral and dental health, you can choose Istanbul. For Taksim dental travel services, you can choose Ata Pera Dental Hospital with peace of mind.


Ata Pera Dental Hospital Accommodation:

Ata Pera is a hospital that greatly facilitates the work of its patients with its accommodation options. Accommodation is one of the most important problems for patients coming from abroad. In a country where they will come for the first time, they naturally think about where and how they will stay. When choosing accommodation, they also need to consider issues such as transportation and distance. As a result, they need to find an accommodation option close to the institution where they are being treated. All this is very difficult in an unknown country and city. Wouldn’t you like a clinic that gives you the opportunity to stay in this process and moreover, the accommodation opportunity it offers is very close to the hospital? If your answer is yes, your choice should definitely be in favor of Ata Pera clinic.

Ata Pera Oral and Dental Health Center offers two separate hotels, one 50 meters and the other 150 meters from the hospital. For those who do not want to stay at the hotel, apartments are also offered in Cihangir, which is also very close to Taksim. Whichever accommodation option the patients prefer, accommodation is provided accordingly.

Ata Pera Oral and Dental Treatments

It is naturally among the most assertive clinics in the region in terms of oral and dental treatments. Since it already offers advanced treatment options and highly advanced devices are used, it is in the hospital class rather than a clinic. Ata pera is the best and most effective clinic in the region, which also facilitates the lives of its patients with oral and dental treatments. You can visit the hospital at any time for oral and dental treatments. If you come from abroad, you will be assisted in getting you from the airport and getting to the hospital.

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