Activities to do around Ata Pera and Things to Make Your Treatments Easier

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Activities to do around Ata Pera and Things to Make Your Treatments Easier

Ata Pera dental hospital is located in such a central and important location Taksim, that; our esteemed patients who prefer us spend important and good times in addition to dental treatments. There are many things to do at the point of taking advantage of the important opportunities around Ata Pera and having a good time. When you come from abroad for dental treatment, you may want to not be bored in your area. This is a very reasonable expectation. Ata Pera can exceed your expectations due to its location.


Location of Ata Pera Dental Hospital:

First of all, we would like to give information for those who are wondering where Ata Pera is and whether transportation is easy. It is located in Beyoğlu/Taksim, one of the most beautiful and pleasant areas of Istanbul. Transportation to this place, which is the center of Istanbul, and the activities to be done here are naturally not limited. It is extremely easy for patients coming from abroad to reach the hospital and the activities they can do around the hospital are sufficient while their dental treatment continues.

When you want to come from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Istanbul/Beyoğlu, which is the location of the hospital, you have to travel an average of 38 km. When you want to come from Istanbul Airport, it will be enough to come a distance of 43 km. Since there are many possibilities around the hospital, you don’t need to travel to a different place. In a possible trip, Taksim and Şişhane metro stops are right next to the hospital.


Are there any places around Ata Pera that will facilitate the work of patients?

Patients who prefer Ata Pera dental hospital for dental treatments don’t have any problems in this regard. Because there are so many possibilities close to the location of the hospital. When you come for dental treatment, you can only stay in the hotel belonging to the hospital when you want to return to your country after staying and treated in the region. In addition, it is very close to Taksim’s most beautiful hotels and accommodation centers.

In addition to accommodation, there are opportunities for eating and drinking, shopping and cultural tours. When your preference is Ata Pera, in short, you can take advantage of the countless opportunities and privileges that await you. While getting dental treatment, you can also enjoy Istanbul Taksim.


Facilities Around Ata Pera Dental Hospital:

There are many historical buildings around Ata Pera dental hospital and it is easy to reach other parts of Istanbul. There are metro and other public transportation options in the area. Many art centers open their doors to be visited during the day. While you are undergoing dental treatment, you can also take a small Istanbul tour if you wish.

Moreover, you can do this in Beyoğlu and Taksim, the heart of Istanbul.

Istiklal Street is also home to numerous restaurants, cafes, touristic areas, bazaars and arcades. This allows you to find everything you are looking for very easily and at the same time take care of important business in the area. Many countries’ consulates are also on Istiklal Street. You can also do the transactions that you need to deal with officially on the same street very easily.


Shopping Opportunities in Taksim:

Istanbul Taksim is a center where many world famous brands’ stores are located. With this feature, it offers a pleasant shopping experience to its visitors. While getting oral and dental treatment, you can also get the opportunity to shop from the brands you want and love. Moreover, you can do all this at a place within walking distance. You can use Istiklal Street for clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. It is located very close to Ata Pera Dental Health Hospital and the hotel you are staying at. In other words, you can reach many products you want without even using any means of transportation.


Do I Have Eating and Drinking Problems in Taksim?

Taksim is among the last regions to experience food and beverage problems. Foreign tourists who prefer the region for dental travel or touristic trips will not have any problems in this regard. The main cuisines and restaurants in the region are as follows;

  • For visitors from Europe, Spanish, German, Belgian and Swiss cuisine, especially Italian cuisine, is available.
  • It also has a rich variety of French restaurants and cafes.
  • There are Kosher certified restaurants that will not cause problems for Jews.
  • There are restaurants where you can try selected dishes from the British cuisine.
  • There are very elegant, elegant and pleasant Turkish restaurants in the Taksim region for foreign visitors who want to try Turkish dishes as well as world cuisine.

Taksim generally has a rich and broad culture in terms of restaurants. With this aspect, it provides comfort for both domestic and foreign visitors.


Taksim Transportation Facilities:

Since Taksim dental clinic is located in the center of Istanbul, it is naturally close to all kinds of transportation vehicles. There are always bus lovers in the region. However, Marmaray passes through the region and continues its voyages continuously. There are also metro and minibus. So when you want to go to another part of Istanbul or the airport, you can do it very easily. You are offered as many transportation options as you want in the region.


Why you should especially prefer Ata Pera among the Taksim dental clinics. It has an important place not only in terms of location, but also in terms of the opportunities it provides to you.

The facilities provided to you are as follows;

  • Ata Pera is close to many shopping stores, transportation vehicles and historical places.
  • You are offered an accommodation option by the hospital. If you want, you can stay in a guest house or an apartment.
  • When you land at the airport, you will be transferred to the region by private vehicles.
  • Thanks to the translator support, you can convey your wishes and communicate without any problems during the treatment period.
  • Expert and experienced doctors take part in the clinic. This provides a guarantee for any treatment to be applied to you. You can be treated as you wish and benefit from the support offered to you.
  • Challenging and specialist treatments applied around the world are provided in the clinic.
  • You are guaranteed for the treatments performed. Especially in implant treatments, there is a lifetime garantie.


Ata Dental Hospital in Taksim:

Ata dental hospital is located in Taksim region and serving you in the center region. In addition to being an oral and dental health clinic, it also draws attention with its location and the opportunities it offers to its patients. Patients who prefer the clinic are not only treated. At the same time, he can take care of many things in the region and reach the opportunities at the area. Such opportunities for patients coming from abroad are extremely important. Especially if you are coming to Turkey for the first time, you should definitely research what is happening around the clinic you choose. Thanks to our location. Ata Pera gives you the opportunity to be treated and to stay in Istanbul for the duration of the treatment without experiencing any difficulties. In this respect, it is naturally among the most advantages and preferable hospitals.

If you are looking for a Taksim oral and dental health center and do not want to experience difficulties in the region, you can choose Ata Pera Dental Hospital. You can both access the best treatments in the field and have a very comfortable treatment process with the opportunities offered to you.

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